SocketMUD(tm) the codebase

SocketMUD(tm) is a bareboned mud codebase; it is written in C by Brian Graversen, and will compile and run under GNU/Linux with kernel 2.2.x or better. It requires the zlib development library, which comes with most major linux distributions, as well as support for POSIX threads (which should be no problem if you run linux 2.2.x or later). A few people have had some success trying SocketMUD(tm) under Cygwin, and a specific section of this site has been dedicated to patches and documentation for the Cygwin port. It is still recommended that you use a real Linux environment to run the code, but a Cygwin environment could easily be used for testing purposes.

Latest Version

The lastest version of SocketMUD(tm) is version v2.4, released 14th march 2009.


Why the h*** is it called SocketMUD(tm) ?

There was a discussion on TMC's legal board, where one of the participants made a mock-comment using a codebase called SocketMUD(tm) as an example - I simply couldn't resist, and made a codebase with that name. I had planned to come up with a better name later, but I actually ended up liking the name, so you can consider it a permanent name for the codebase (I even bought a domain for it).

Who can use this code ?

Anyone actually, it used to be licensed under the general public license (GPL), but I decided to make it (or at least the parts written by me) public domain. You should feel free to use this code any way you want, but do remember to give Erwin credits for his code (the parts of the code written by Erwin is also public domain, and has no restrictions, like the rest of the SocketMUD(tm) code).

How large is the code ?

Last time I checked, which was against version 1.2, the code took up a massive 70995 bytes, of which roughly half is whitespaces and comments, so you should expect roughly 30-35 Kbyte of pure code.

If you just wish to browse the sourcecode, you can do so by clicking on these links. Each link should contain the full sourcecode to each file included in the distribution. The sourcecode that can be viewed here is usually the latest version.

( 5 kb) action_safe.c
( 2 kb) event.c
( 3 kb) event.h
(11 kb) event-handler.c
( 3 kb) help.c
( 1 kb) interpret.c
( 6 kb) io.c
(28 kb) socket.c
( 3 kb) strings.c
( 4 kb) utils.c
(10 kb) mud.h
( 4 kb) mccp.c
( 5 kb) save.c
( 4 kb) list.c
( 1 kb) list.h
( 1 kb) stack.c
( 1 kb) stack.h
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